History - Hacienda La coloradaSoldado Revolucionario - 1921 Tequila BlancoLa Adelita - 1921 Tequila ReposadoEmiliano Zapata - 1921 Tequila AñejoDolores Eugenia - 1921 Crema de Tequila

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Some years ago, in the Hacienda La Colorada, in the state of Jalisco Mexico, an important discovery was made while the old house was undergoing renovation.  A secret passage was found that led to a luxurious winecellar containing many valuable objects including gold coins and chapel relics filled with many memories and a colorful history.

Among the most intriguing items found, were bottles that sparkled at the first touch of light.  These bottles which had been hidden for six decades, bore an almost illegible clay label and contained a liquid that turned out to be a Tequila of exceptional quality.  It had surely been destined for the hacienda owners.  To celebrate this discovery, we have selected a probable date of events, "1921", the concluding year of the Mexican Revolution.  We have duplicated the bottle, seeking to conserve the beauty and the original state in which it was found.

Tequila 1921 was formed by a group of tequila aficionados who have recaptured the traditional craftsmanship of tequila production.   Our Tequilas are fragrant, complex and extremely smooth.  Produced in limited production, Tequila 1921 is offered to a select group of connoisseurs.